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Motorised Sliding Gates


Progate Motorized sliding gates are an efficient, automated security system. Be it a residential or industrial premise, Sliding Gates offer a new-age solution for better security and space problems. That’s simply because their linear format of movement allows minimum space consumption vis a vis the conventional swinging gates.

Your safety is our priority. The steel -strong structure of the gate is equipped with hi-tech devices (photocells, flashing lights etc) to ensure high standards of safety for you and your property. To maximise their efficiency, every accessory we use is of utmost precision and of the highest grade.

Motorized sliding gates is an extremely precise task that requires the best technological skills combined with a detailed knowledge into mechanics because there are numerous factors like the size of the gates, the frequency and intensity of usage and the weather conditions that can affect the performance and the lifespan of these systems.

Above all, enjoy a hassle free installation process. Our team of expert engineers shall survey your premise and advise on mechanical nitty gritty. Based on an accurate measuring process, we create the right structure for your property. Pick the colour of your choice and within a few weeks your Progate Motorized sliding gates would be ready for installation. Be secure with the Motorized sliding gates for a long time to come.